Sunday @ 10:00 am

Sunday School (for all ages)

Our Sunday school hour provides the entire family with a rich and exciting time of Bible teaching. Children’s classes combine songs, Bible stories, crafts, and practical lessons designed to be fun and useful for every day life. Adult classes are used to further promote Christian values for both the individual and families. The Bible truly is a practical book that teaches us how to have success in all areas of life.

Sunday @ 11:00 am

Morning Worship

Our worship is an exciting time of Christ-honoring music, fellowship and a stirring message from the Word of God. The focus of our service is to give God the glory, to elevate the name of Jesus Christ and to draw hearts closer to Him.

Sunday @ 6:00 pm

Evening Worship

All are welcome to join us as God’s Word is presented to the whole family. Spirited singing, special speakers, missionaries and church fellowships combine to make Sunday nights a great blessing to all.

Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Prayer and Bible Study

Sharing our needs and rejoicing with each other, we go before God’s throne of grace in faithful prayer. Bible study is conducted as we strive to learn the books of the Bible. Get your spiritual batteries recharged at this mid-week service.

Cornerstone Baptist Church

(603) 647-1980

651 Mast Road
Manchester, NH 03102